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Signature Circuit is a class created to bring Next Phase members improved strength, muscle tone, energy, workout balance, and variety.

Not your average group exercise class.

What sets this class apart is it’s phasic programming. Every Signature Circuit class will develop a different aspect of strength on a weekly basis. By targeting specific areas of the strength spectrum, participants will see effective results and little to no plateaus.

Why focus on strength?

Unlike classes that center around cardio and burning calories, Signature Circuit specializes at building strength while still burning calories. Through strength training, participants will see improvements in energy, lean muscle mass, caloric expenditure, confidence, and much more.

What to expect in class?

Classes will be circuit formatted. This allows adequate recovery between exercises and for a wide variety of equipment to be utilized. Some days will focus on lower body, upper body, and total body. By targeting specific body regions, extra attention can be given to desired muscle groups, as well as the proper rest throughout the week. This will drive a more effective response, yielding results.

Ready for our next challenge? Try a Signature Circuit class today!

Our Team

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Camille Chetrit: Studio Manager

Our Bethesda boss lady, Camille has been personal training and coaching classes for several years. Pretty impressive for someone with youth on their side! Her passion for fitness shines through in every class, and she also happens to be a firecracker with killer playlists. With Camille, leave your excuses at the door. She may be young, but she will push you.



Kat Trammell

Kat’s passion for helping others is what makes her stand out. You’ll often hear her saying, “Give it a go” to challenge students to believe they’re stronger than they think. On top of yoga for special needs, Kat specializes in weight loss, lean muscle gain and kettlebells with clients at Training Ground.



Michael Wertheim

Former publicist turned personal trainer, Michael is a local to the DMV area. Don’t let his smile fool you, he’s as passionate as he is serious about helping you realize your true potential. When he’s not training clients at Training Ground or leading classes at either of our Next Phase locations, you’re most likely to catch him cooking up a storm in the kitchen.



Muhammad Abdul

Not just a Former Secret Service Agent, Muhammad was also the PT Coordinator for the Secret Service prior to being part of the #NPFam. His passion for fitness led him to pursue training full time, and our early morning students are SO glad he did!! You can also find him personal training at Training Ground!



Emma Lane

A Government Program Director by day, Emma is a fun-loving, butt-kicking instructor by night. She has a knack for making fitness fun, which is the best way to make her challenging classes fly by. Emma started strength training in high school, which led to her being a defensive captain in her collegiate lacrosse career. What sets Emma apart? She is as competitive as they come, which means she will not rest until she is the best instructor the world has ever seen. Knowing Emma, we don't think it will take her long to get there!



Steve Evans: Personal Training Director

As director of Next Phase’s personal training and programming director, Steve has delivers both soul crushing classes and top notch personal training sessions. His certifications include almost all of the letters - ACSM Personal Trainer, CSCS, CSAS, ACE Health Coach, Hardstyle Kettlebell, AFAA Group Exercise, and a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Certification to boot!



Courtland Steele

Courtland is certified in everything imaginable, but where she truly sparkles and shines is in her attitude. Courtland will always be one of the brightest parts of your day, and her Dance Cardio classes will leave you sweaty and smiling. She also brings fitness to the workplace, serving as our program manager for a corporate client!



Kazue Muroi

Kazue is a bad ass on the TRX, though that's probably an understatement. Aerial hammock, aerial dance fitness and group fitness are all part of her arsenal, too. If you're looking to do some exercises on the TRX that you won't find elsewhere, her class is for you!



Keren Cepero - Training Ground GM

Keren brings unparalleled enthusiasm and spunk to everything she does, and training her clients is no exception! Need some happiness in your life? Hang out with Keren for 2 minutes. Certified with NASM, TRX, AFAA and POP Pilates, Keren creates super creative workouts that activate ALL the muscles!



Devon Price

Devon began her studies at the age of 2 in a variety of dance genres. Devon has instructed a variety of experience levels and is passionate about using dance as a therapeutic stress-reliever, as well as a super fun way to stay healthy.



Andy Schaefer: Founder

As founder, Andy's goal is to make Next Phase your #happyplace. He wanted to create a fun place where people can get a challenging, highly effective workout in a welcoming, inspiring, comfortable atmosphere. In essence, he wants to kick your butt but see you leave smiling. It's a full time job to spread happiness through fitness, but he wouldn't trade it for the world.



Robin Gmeiner

You may recognize Robin as the shirtless bike guy. He is originally from Germany and has trained all around the world. His client list ranges from NBA players to various pro football, tennis and boxing athletes. He believes in dynamic workouts designed to push people beyond their perceived limit.



Dana Margulis

A former PE teacher turned dancing queen, Dana is one big ball of love and energy. When she’s not shaking it at the studio, Dana teaches Hip Hop to kids in Bethesda. Fueled by camaraderie and spreading fun and fitness, Dana views NP dance classes as her #happyplace. 



Libby Rubin

Libby has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 20 years. She emphasizes proper form and safety, demonstrating all levels of intensity during her classes. Her unmatched energy and enthusiasm will propel you through her challenging, always changing classes! 


Our Schedule

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