No two classes are the same in our 50 minute workouts which are designed to incorporate elements of Core, Strength, and Cardio. While some classes  are targeted to strengthen specific muscle groups, others are HIIT focused.

We use the TRX, kettlebells, battleropes and more to get the job done! We promise that each time you leave, you will be sweaty and smiling!

If you’re a first timer, here are some tips!

Our Team


Abby Bernhardt: Studio Manager

Abby loves motivating others to live active and healthy lifestyles. There is nothing more inspiring in her mind than to see people challenge themselves in order to reach their fitness goals.



Josh Deslouches

Healthy living is important to Josh and he feels that it should have a place in everyone's life! Just to prove the point, Josh is also in med school studying to be a doc in between teaching classes! He got into teaching because he wanted to help individuals meet whatever health and fitness goals they have set for themselves. Seeing people happy makes him happy!



Keren Cepero

Keren brings unparalleled enthusiasm and spunk to everything she does, and training her clients is no exception! TRX certified POP Pilates pro, Keren creates super creative workouts that activate all the muscles you never knew you had! 



Shannon Ropelowski: PT Director

Shannon has been a passionate health and fitness enthusiast for years. She is an ACE-certified group fitness trainer and enjoys teaching group classes and spread her passion for fitness at Next Phase Arlington! When she's not instructing, you can find her personal training at Next Phase too!



Luke Owen

Luke is a wellness advocate and group fitness instructor. He's grown his fascination with health and fitness after seeing the results of balanced strength training and nutrition disciplines. Luke is an IronMan finisher, an Ultramarathon runner, and professional socializer. He learned about Next Phase's designed programming and was eager to be a part of the team! If he's not running, biking, or swimming around Arlington he's in the studio leading his groups to fitness success.



Kim Barbano

A former high school varsity swimmer and volleyball player, Kim has coached youth swimming and volleyball and has always had a passion for health and fitness. She's not only a group fitness instructor, but a butt-kicking personal trainer! Her cheery spirit and focus on form are just what you need when you're putting in work during her Super Circuit and TRX classes.



Andy Schaefer: Founder

As founder, Andy's goal is to make Next Phase your #happyplace. He wanted to create a fun place where people can still get a difficult and result-yielding workout, all in an inspiring, comfortable atmosphere. It's a full time job to spread happiness through fitness, but he wouldn't trade it for the world.



Allison James

Allison (AJ) is an ACE certified group fitness instructor who found her love for fitness by playing collegiate volleyball. After suffering a back injury that kept her off the court, she discovered group fitness as an outlet. Allison is grateful for to work at Next Phase where she continues to be inspired by her fellow instructors and amazing students!



Radames Arocho

Spending the last 15 years in the health and fitness industry, Radames brings not only his experience, but his love and passion to every workout. With multiple certifications in personal training, group exercises, and nutrition, he is ready to get you to those and health and fitness goals while showing you how to have fun every step of the way.



Christian Rubi

Christian Has had a passion for nutrition and fitness for years. As a NASM certified personal trainer combined with extensive experience with volume training, he will push you further than you thought you could go while still maintaining a varied, fun experience! In his free time Christian likes to hike, part take in competitive athletic events, and practice some break dancing here and there.


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Shayla Gerity

Shayla has been working in the fitness and wellness field for over 4 years. Not only does she instruct classes, but she’s also an ACSM certified personal trainer. She also works in corporate wellness, trying to help as many individuals as possible live their healthiest lives. In her free time she loves yoga, kickboxing, running, and lots of rest and relaxation.



Michael Wertheim

Former publicist turned personal trainer, Michael is a local to the DMV area. Don’t let his smile fool you, he’s as passionate as he is serious about helping you realize your true potential. When he’s not training clients at Training Ground or leading classes at either of our Next Phase locations, you’re most likely to catch him cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Jocelyn Hubbard

As an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and cardiac registered nurse, Jocelyn loves all aspects of health and fitness. Jocelyn found her passion for strength training while running collegiate track and field and loves to create a fun team atmosphere! Working out is something she looks forward to each day, and hopes to create the same experience for you!



Michael Symanski

Coming from a family of 10 kids, a fit and active lifestyle was instilled upon us at an early age. I played college football and baseball, and coached high school football and track. I have been certified in Personal Training and Group Instruction through ISSA and Fitour. I am looking forward to bringing my fitness passion to Next Phase.



Maren Seubert

Maren has always been in the industry of helping others and she has found a passion in becoming a group fitness instructor after moving to NOVA 10 years ago. Maren quickly developed an interest in TRX and has seen the results in herself with using the suspension trainer. Maren teaches TRX Group or Personal Classes and believes you can and will get stronger with practice and patience. Her classes are never the same and she will keep you energized through the entire class. She will make sure you have the form and technique down first and motivates you to push yourself a little more every time.


Our Schedule

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