OUR mission


Our mission is to spread happiness. How we’ll achieve our goal? Get you results and make sure you have fun along the way.


Here’s how our programming will deliver those results…

There are 4 modalities of effective strength training. They are equally important. Here’s what they are and how to train for them:

Strength – Making your muscles and bones stronger, and increasing your metabolism . Heavy weights, low reps.

Hypertrophy – Giving your muscles more size, aka tone or definition. Moderate weights, moderate reps.

Power – Making your muscles faster leading to injury prevention, and a more lean, athletic build. Light weights, explosive, high velocity movements, low reps

Endurance – Enabling your muscles to keep working for a longer period of time, reducing the risk of injury and leading to an increase in lean muscle mass. Lighter weights, higher reps.

Better yet, there’s more to our workouts than strength. We’re also going to make you sweat as you burn a TON of calories. We use the most effective cardio tools out there, including Versaclimbers, Sleds, Ropes and more.  

Now back to the strength programming….

Our programming is designed to address all 4 modalities in varying ways. We focus on 2 modalities each week, for a total of 6 NP Strength Phases.

Click here to see the specific phases.

Why is it important to address all 4? We’re glad you asked…

Your body responds best to variety. The more you keep it guessing, the more calories you’ll burn and the quicker you’ll see results. Without variety, you’ll eventually plateau.

Also, everyone’s body is different and may respond differently to a certain modality.. Addressing all 4 is the best way to make sure you cover all the bases. After all, if you’re going to train, why not be as comprehensive as possible?

Last but certainly not least….

What makes us unique?

Not only is our programming comparable to an adept personal trainer’s programming, but we’ll personalize the experience even further because that’s what we love to do.


In addition to classes, we also offer:       

Personal Training

Customized Corporate Wellness Programs