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Exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to being healthy and reaching your goals. We​ offer 1:1 individualized nutrition, a nutrition program with group support, and educational workshops to help you eat for optimum health! If you struggle with low energy, losing weight, digestive issues, brain fog, chronic aches and pains, or a combination of these symptoms, a customized nutrition plan can help you.

If this sounds like the support you've been looking for, schedule your free 15 minute consult to discuss how we can work together to hone in on health!

Our in-house nutritionist, Megan Crozier, will create a program based on your individual needs which would include a custom combination of any of the following:

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Individual Nutrition

30 Day jumpstart | $400

This package is for those who are ready to change their nutrition habits and want to find a plan that really works for them. After an initial consultation to evaluate your diet history, health goals, and main concerns, we will come up with a step-by-step plan to move you in direction of health and happiness. This package includes ongoing email support and guidance for 30 days and 2 follow-up sessions.

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90 Day | $350/month

This package is for those who struggle with low energy, weight loss, bloating, or other chronic conditions, or have a desire for a more intimate knowledge of how food if affects their life. For 90 days, we will work together to create a sustainable, nourishing diet that will help you get closer to your health goals. You will start feeling comfortable and confident with your food choices and know what foods are best for your body, and enjoy ongoing support and accountability along the way. This includes an initial consultation with bi-weekly check-ins and ongoing email support.

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Nutrition Consultation with Group Support

21 Day Body Refresh

More energy, less cravings, better digestion & sleep, and losing weight are all totally possible, but you don't have to deprive yourself to get there - or do it alone. This 3 week group program gives you the meal plan, recipes, daily support, and information you need to discover the plan that works best for your body. Delivered entirely online, receive individualized coaching from Megan and group support from other 3 Week Body Refresh members.

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