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Specialized Group Exercise

No commitment. Just classes.

Our Mission: At Next Phase, our mission is to spread happiness. We're going to do that by giving you a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere where you can reach your fitness goals quickly. We have a feeling that the quicker you reach your goals, the happier you'll be, and our highly-effective workouts are designed to do just that. We're not happy unless you are!

What Sets Us Apart

The Workout

At Next Phase, we are firm believers that variety is key. Our fusion-style classes combine everything you need to create your most functionally efficient and conditioned body. How? Glad you asked!

  1. All of our classes offer elements of strength, cardio, power, mobility, and core stability, but each in different ways. That means you can choose what style of class suits your personal fitness goals while maintaining the freedom and flexibility to challenge yourself on a daily basis. You’ll never be bored at Next Phase!
  2. In addition to our classes each being different, our awesome instructors also bring their own personal flair and philosophy to class. Our instructors will challenge you with movements and equipment but are also experts in how to help you adapt moves for your fitness level to prevent injury.
  3. Our overall approach to fitness is built into our class schedule—you’ll see that different days of the week focus on different muscle groups in order to account for recovery time for optimum results.

Above all else, we provide a fun, personalized, and community-driven environment where our biggest goal is for you to leave feeling happy and healthy!

"Next Phase workouts are the best, the instructors are great, and I absolutely love the vibe. I never imagined I'd look forward to working out out as much as I do now!" - Andrea, Student

Booking Clases

Reserving a spot in class can be done easily online by creating an account and selecting a class from our schedule.

Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel a class reservation up to 6 hours before class start time without forfeiting a class. For extenuating circumstances, contact Sonjia directly at sonja@nextphasestudio.com


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